The Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) is dedicated to serving the citizens of Mora County. To strengthen our local economy, promote a healthy business climate, serve as a voice for business in community affairs, and to promote awareness of historic and cultural traditions in Mora County.

Board of Directors

Donna Sanchez-Pino


Rich Lau


It is a way to support our community by personal involvement and networking. The chamber allows businesses a chance to team up with ideas that benefit our community’s economic growth. It also creates a social environment through planned events that serve a dual social and business purpose.

Businesses are helped because of the print advertising and our online presence on Facebook and a Website.

Merl Witt


When I first moved to Mora, I found that the Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce was really not like most Chambers of Commerce. It was more than just an advocate for businesses, it was also a public service group and a charitable organization. The Chamber plays so many important roles in the Mora Valley that I felt the best way to be part of the Mora community was to be a part of the Chamber.

Jake Lovato


I joined the Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago as a member then was elected to the Board. I have seen a lot of positive things come out of the Chamber with the numerous events sponsored each year and have enjoyed being involved and a part of the events. I encourage other members to be a part of those events it is very rewarding. I love this community and it’s people, we are all like family. I grew up and graduated from Mora High School, and to me it is a Blessing to be back and have my family involved with the Chamber. I believe that this organization has a very important role in the community: to unite and help businesses grow to their potential and to help residents enjoy this Beautiful place we are blessed to live in!

JD Weathers

Vice President

I care about Mora with all my heart and soul . I believe that we have to preserve our historical culture while bringing economic development to our community. I believe it’s our chambers task to make Mora county a better place for our children.

Duane Freeman


We live in a beautiful place: the majestic snow-topped mountains, the abundant evergreen trees, and the blessed blue skies, sunshine and water. I want to work to preserve these natural wonders and to help the people of the community develop and prosper.

The Chamber’s stated mission is to develop the economy of the area. That means local employment. We need jobs so young people don’t have to move to make a living. The Mora Valley Chamber also works to make Mora a wholesome and fun place to live.

I’m honored to be an active part of the Chamber’s efforts, and pray that more people will become involved to help Mora County reach its potential.

Karla Sena


Hannah Lovato-Wisely

Outreach Community Director